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Advanced Planning, Estimating & Scheduling Concepts

Suggested Attendees: Experienced maintenance and engineering personnel interested in an advanced course which overviews operations training, accurate maintenance estimating, scheduling, and best practice maintenance planning. This 4-day advanced Carver workshop will provide you with comprehensive, interactive, hands-on training to help you fully understand and apply concepts learned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand planning elements of product scope (quality expectation deliverables) and project scope (WBS and completeness), short and long-term planning phases and integration with estimating (how much & how long?) and scheduling (how to accomplish the product and project scopes taking into consideration all constraints).
  • Application of Planning, Estimating and Scheduling as the enabling processes for implementation (execution and control) of identified work
  • Explain key Maintenance Planning and Asset Management concepts.
  • Apply best practice maintenance and reliability analysis processes to practically optimize equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Understand how maintenance planning directly impacts plant and equipment life cycle costs.
  • Understand and apply life cycle equipment performance to maintenance planning decisions and content.
  • Consider the long term versus the short-term costs of implementing an O&M job or task assuming many conditions.
  • Apply the elements and processes of estimating the resources (cost, time, parts tools, labour etc.) required to complete the project and product scopes defined in planning
  • Estimating based on standard conditions and value of CMMS equipment maintenance history
  • Application of correction factors for job specific non-standard conditions
  • Use the philosophy of estimating the net value to the company when choosing the resources to complete a job (what is the life cycle cost benefit to whole plant/mill?)
  • Improve job workflow and resource allocation, including calculating standby time and overall scheduling % efficiency.
  • Explain work implementation network diagram critical path and use Gantt chart method to map the critical path. Defining project critical milestones, predecessors, and successor relationships.
  • Identify the project risk points and explain how planning to manage or control the identified risk is part of the overall project.
  • Manage the importance of information linkages between all stakeholders of the project.
  • Apply scheduling and control methods to impact deliverables such as implementation costs, time and quality.

MPE&S 402 is a valuable successor course to:
MPE&S 201 Introductory Planning, Estimating & Scheduling Concepts

Course codes : MPE&S 402

Program length : 4   Days

Course price : $ 2595.00

Workbook price : $149.00

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  MP 301* Advanced Maintenance Planning & Asset Management  

  MPE&S 201 Introductory Planning, Estimating & Scheduling Concepts  

  MPE&S 402 Advanced Planning, Estimating & Scheduling Concepts  

  MPL 305* Advanced Shutdown Management & Planning  

  MSP 311 Introduction to MS Project Software Tool (Requires a laptop)  

  MSP 250 Advanced MS Project Software Tool (Requires a laptop)  

  OE 301* Principles of Operational Excellence  

  OE 202* Resource & Cost Management for Operations  

  OE 203 Commissioning & Startup Planning for Operations  

  OE 204 Advanced Machine Management for Operations  

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  RCA 303* Root Cause Failure Analysis & Maintenance  

  RCM 301* Reliability Centered Maintenance  

  RCM 201 Basic Reliability Centered Maintenance  

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  TWPH 213 13 Week Planning Horizon  

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