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    Carver has witnessed the struggle companies go through in order to maintain a functional, profitable work force...but now is your time to relax because Carver can provide the required support to alleviate these challenges. We fully support our clients through Recruitment Contract Staffing process to provide immediate access to highly-skilled, adaptable team members on a temporary, contract or permanent basis
    At Carver, we pride ourselves on providing professional, top-notch technical employees for your organization and the best fit individual whose image, proficiency and work-related philosophies fit in with your company's overall chemistry and corporate culture. To do this we consider a variety of elements, such as day to day assignments, goals and responsibilities required to fill a specific position. Carver's process brings these elements together quickly and efficiently, saving you time and maximizing productivity


    Every year Carver's HR Solutions team places thousands of experienced and knowledgeable technical and professional service staff - both contract and permanent into various sites across the country
    A Corporate Focus with a Global Reach
    Using our worldwide resources we are able to provide qualified personnel that meet your specific employment needs. Working directly with the employers makes this process seamless. As a result, our experienced contract professionals consistently win the approval and support from Alberta's Gas and Oil Industry and are quickly putting Carver on the map around the world. Furthermore, Carver's Contract-to-Hire program makes finding that perfect employee easy and efficient.


    So whether you are an employer seeking key individuals or a professional looking to start your job search or make a career change, CARVER is the right place to begin!