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Take advantage of training and certifying your staff through the Carver training academy with only having to pay 1/3 of the cost. Almost a 70% discount on training tuition and books!

Despite fluctuations in the economy, employers will always need a workforce that is well-educated, highly skilled and productive. Our changing economy accentuates the fact that employers must continue to take a proactive approach to developing their Workforce. Since employers will need highly skilled workers as the economy rebounds, there are still industries where labor and skills shortages persist. Carver and the Canadian government realize this need and are working on ways to allow employers to invest in their employees to enhance their skills and competency levels without the burden of big cost.

This program will help employers develop workers to suit their needs and provide people with the jobs they need to succeed. Investing in skills training means more workers in Canada will have the skills in demand in our labor market, now and in the future.

Limited Time Only! Please inquire for more details! Call our office at (780) 489-4444